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Yorkshire Pudding

RRP $16.99

Love, it seems, is transcendental. At least that's what Monique ("Momo") and nine-year-old Tutor Moot think after discovering beautiful and serendipitous connections between their herd of Yorkshire terriers that they breed and sell, and the people the little terriers choose as their owners. A comforting tale of life lessons, everlasting love, and evidence that nothing is ever happenstance, Yorkshire Pudding, set in 1969, is the year in a life of a mother-daughter duo that discovers their unique bond-both personally and through struggles of the era. Momo and Tutor together learn about themselves, their community, and society's discriminations. Yorkshire Pudding not only invites readers into the lives of a single eccentric mother and her precocious daughter, but also into the lives of a handful of very diverse neighbors, all of whom are changed forever when the Moot puppies come into their lives. Having lost her husband while pregnant with Tutor, Momo tries desperately to create a family for her expectant child. The dog breeding business has a lot more to offer than income, she soon finds out, as the loving disposition of their Yorkshire terriers fills the void of loss. A small neighborhood is the backdrop for six people longing for a second chance at life, happiness, and perhaps a little closure. When fate intervenes, each of them finds that an unexpected gift can be found in a most unusual reincarnated package, as a little puppy. Yorkshire Pudding serves up a whimsical, celestial tale that will resonate with any reader who has ever loved a dog. Big on inspiration, this heavenly little story will melt the heart and bring sweet tears to the eyes of anyone who believes that dogs do smile and have souls-and it will make you smile the next time you see a dog wag its tail.

Hampshire - A Pocket Souvenir

RRP $14.99

A postcard size, souvenir photographic book of Hampshire.

Growin' Up In Lancashire

RRP $23.99

This is the perfect book for anyone who remembers Lancashire in the 40s and 50s - or for anyone who doesn't, but would like to peer through the keyhole and catch a glimpse of a bygone era. It was a time when everyone stood for the national anthem at the end of a film in the cinema. A time when the wireless was the chief source of entertainment and streets emptied daily, at 6.15 pm sharp, to listen to Dick Barton, Special Agent. When everything was fried in beef lard (assuming there was enough to eat) and washing was whitened with Dolly Blue. When children were made to take foul-tasting cod liver oil - neat, off a spoon, not like today in mercifully taste-free capsules. Girls with ribbons in their hair played with washing-line skipping ropes, while boys in patched trousers collected Dinky toys. A trip to the swimming baths meant the wearing of woollen costumes that did terrible things when wet, and you were washed vigorously in smelly pink carbolic soap, usually in secondhand bath water. And then there was Izal. The dreaded medicated toilet 'paper' that had the absorbency of a roof tile and just seemed to move stuff around - newspaper on string was better any day! a wonderfully funny, affectionate and enjoyable stroll down memory lane for readers of all ages

Hazardous Waste In Healthcare

RRP $449.99

Hazardous Waste in Healthcare: A Guide to Regulatory Compliance
James Crouch, BSBM, MHA, MSAJS
The EPA is enforcing hazardous waste regulations in healthcare facilities at an alarming rate-however, many hospitals are either unaware of these regulations or simply don't know what steps to take to comply with them. To make things even more complicated, The Joint Commission and EPA have different criteria by which they measure compliance. This complete resource helps safety officers wade through the confusion using tools, checklists, and forms. With new EPA hazardous waste regulations coming soon, the time to start preparing is now!
This book will help you:

  • Navigate the EPA's proposed hazardous waste rule changes
  • Prepare for compliance with customizable tools, checklists, and forms from industry experts
  • Understand all areas of hazardous waste compliance
Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Regulatory Requirements

The regulations we all know
The regulations we may not know

Chapter 2: The Best Programs Begin With an Assessment
First step inventory
Identifying the waste
Conducting the assessment

Chapter 3: EPA Generator ID Application
Evaluation of generator status

Chapter 4: Hazardous Waste Accumulation Standards and Assessments
Accumulation standards
Accumulation inspections

Chapter 5: Hazardous Waste Shipments
Selecting a destruction facility
Manifest regulations
Staff training

Chapter 6: Bringing This All Together
Building a successful environmental management system
Sustaining the program

Attingham Park, Shropshire

RRP $20.99

Attingham Park, built for the 1st Lord Berwick in 1785, was owned by the same family for more than 160 years. As their fortunes rose and fell, they proved themselves to be spenders, savers and saviours. Highlights include the atmospheric dining room, set for an evening banquet, and the contrasting decoration of the delicate feminine Boudoir with the rich, opulent textiles of the masculine Octagon Room. Outside, the walled garden and many park walks offers further delights. The mansion, set in beautiful parkland designed to impress, is a the heart of this great estate between Shrewsbury and the River Severn.


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